Why Time Off Is Good For Your Health

After being away from it for a while, you can look at it differently and offer a new perspective. Sometimes you just need time away to get a little jumpstart on your work. Some co-workers may approach you and ask about your vacation. The details about how you couldn’t finish your hiking expedition because you realized halfway through that you don’t actually like long trips in the forest will fill everyone with joy and laughter.

  • If you’re worried that’s what people will think, start asking them questions about their next vacation or a previous vacation that they reminisce about.
  • Because PTO is an important consideration when deciding whether or not to accept a role, you should take time to fully understand the types of PTO offered and whether it changes with tenure.
  • This summer season, prioritize your own well-being with these expert tips for taking great care of yourself.
  • Being in different time zones and sleeping in different beds can challenge anyone’s serenity.
  • Her research interests include cultural and heritage tourism, urban tourism, globalization and tourism development, tourist behavior and typology, and destination image.

If you or a loved one are suffering from an eating disorder, please know that there is hope for you, and seek immediate professional help. Are people happy with the maternity or paternity leave policy at Recovery Centers of America? Read about benefits for parents, adoption benefits and parental leave. De Bloom, J., Kompier, M.A.J., Geurts, S.A.E., De Weerth, C., Taris, T.W., & Sonnentag, S. Meta-analysis of vacation effects on health and well-being. Tell yourself that things will happen whilst you are away, but you will be able to cope. Know that you can always remove yourself from a situation if it’s becoming too overwhelming and give yourself some time and space to breathe and meditate.

Your routine probably looks a lot different from the way it did at the start of the current health crisis. Take a simple walk outside or try an online meditation video or a meditation app, both of which can be easily accessible on your computer or phone when you need it. Although it sounds cheesy, a sense of humor can also be a great stress management tool.

Plan which activities you will be doing on your vacation and keep in mind any activities that may be triggering. The Recovery Research Institute is a small donor-funded initiative. Morgan holds a degree in Interpersonal Psychology, is completing a degree with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Public Policy. Her passion for helping individuals overcome their circumstances, and affecting positive change has been a driving force in her efforts to support RCA’s alumni community. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use disorder, don’t wait. Call RECOVERY. Our Mission Center team is awaiting your call 24/7.

Either the day before returning to work or the morning of returning to work, take some time to plan out your day. Make a to-do list with everything you know you need to do and prioritize what needs to be done. If you do this on the morning Vacation and Recovery of your return, be sure to give yourself space to be alone with your thoughts. I like to order-in or go for ice cream the day after I’ve come back from a long break. I’m having a treat while still slowly getting back into a groove.

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Going on your first vacation in recovery is a big milestone and a treat you definitely deserve but it is not without its pitfalls. Read our guide to help you plan your summer vacation in recovery. When preparing to take a vacation, consider asking friends, family, or individuals in your recovery community to join you.

  • You’ll feel so much more productive when you can check off tasks in an orderly fashion.
  • If it’s the monotony of your day-to-day that’s dragging you down, maybe it’s actually time you change up your routine, even if only temporarily.
  • It will make you feel much less harried and unprepared.
  • “That shift is a point of friction, and it is frequently experienced as gloom.

Individuals in eating disorder recovery need to be even more vigilant about vacation planning because they are at an increased risk of relapse if they encounter unexpected triggers on their vacation. If you are using a trip away as a means to escape difficulties in your life and recovery, then it is unrealistic that things will be any different just because you’re in a different location. Writer and spiritual thinker, Eckhart Tolle stated, “Life is now.” This means that the best time to be planning a vacation is when you feel stable in your recovery and generally happy with your life. Being in a good frame of mind before you go away is also important because vacations can be stressful. Even when they are meant to be relaxing, there are many opportunities and triggers for relapse. In order to ensure that your trip is as fun-filled and happy as you deserve it to be, it is perhaps best to wait until you have an extended period of good sobriety under your belt.

Laughter reduces stress, boosts endorphins, and allows you to recenter. If you can put some space between yourself and your triggers, you can move forward with more awareness. If you know it will be hard to get through the airport without stopping for a beer, make an action plan to handle that trigger. You can visit a coffee shop for an iced latte or have a friend hold your money until you get on the plane. Finding ways to minimize exposure to triggers can help you feel more resilient when you encounter something unexpected or unavoidable.

Sober Summer: A Guide To Vacationing In Recovery

They keep your time occupied and prevent you from being distracted from your healthy lifestyle. However, everyone needs a break occasionally and a vacation is an important way to rejuvenate the body. While too much downtime for someone in recovery could lead to temptation and relapse, there are plenty of tips for vacationing happily without threatening your sobriety. This 3-day detox program from Prevention gives 10 steps to a healthy diet that will help drop vacation weight and get back to feeling normal. The main things to remember are to shrink portion sizes, avoid excess fat and carbs, cut out alcohol for at least a few days.

Vacation and Recovery

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Rest breaks throughout our days or weeks shouldn’t signal laziness or lack of ambition. Instead, research shows us they are vital to sustaining high performance—especially over the long haul. Getting sober is an amazing gift and a huge part of the reward is redeveloping the relationships that have been strained as a result of our alcohol addiction. We believe that visiting family when the time is right can be a huge growth opportunity, but all family members must handle the trip properly and take any necessary precautionary measures. We at Eating Disorder Hope understand that eating disorders result from a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

Glassdoor is your resource for information about the Vacation & Paid Time Off benefits at Recovery Centers of America. Useful articles about professional development and career growth to help guide your decisions. Accessibility, Disability and Accommodation Explore employer support and available accommodations for people with disabilities. Internships and graduate programs Explore support and satisfaction with programs for new and emerging graduates. Work from home Explore work from home during COVID-19, remote work support and work-life balance. Take various mediums such as your art supplies, camera, yoga mat or other essentials to help you stay on a routine or give you another level of coping tools.

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When I return home, I always need to recover and detox from my vacation. No matter where we go, or for how long, we always break from our usual routine and find ourselves sliding into slightly less healthy habits than usual. Vacation is often a time to recharge our batteries and take a step out of our routine so that we can better think about what’s working and what’s not. Maybe you realize you want to start sleeping more, making more time for staying active, or making more time for people you care about. Take advantage of the renewed energy that vacation leaves you with, Caillet says. And do those things that allow you to engage with the world in a more thoughtful, productive, and constructive way.

Vacation and Recovery

And you will have accountability as well as boatloads of fun. So you’ve finally booked that overseas vacation that’s been marked on your calendar for months now. From long family walks to a new diet to asking for help, these dads’ stories prove there’s no one-size-fits all way to practice self-care. Candace Bond-Theriault says her work supporting the rights of others like her has taught her how and why taking care of herself is important, too.

Take A Breakwhy Taking A Vacation Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Career

•Holiday experiences have positive effects on tourism satisfaction and overall life satisfaction. In addition, if you’re like me, you probably don’t eat the healthiest things while on vacation. When you return, drink LOTS of water and fill up on nutrient-dense foods. If you can swing it, schedule a massage or a gentle yoga class. Make it a rule within your team that everyone’s first day back after a vacation is a “catch-up” day.

  • When you get off the airplane after sitting like a LEGO man for 12 hours, you aren’t going to want to have to take public transportation home.
  • Chronic overwork and stress can also lead to less deadly, but still very disruptive, health problems.
  • But, by saving the space in your schedule, you’ll have room to Netflix and chill if you need it.
  • Try to wake up and go to sleep at normal times, and if you’re in a new time zone, try to soak up the sun to help your circadian rhythm adjust.

Employers often can’t tell the difference between those that work long hours and those that don’t. They can’t see what you are doing much of the time, they only see the result https://ecosoberhouse.com/ you produce. Studies convincingly show that longer hours usually lead to fuzzy thinking and more mistakes. Worse yet, you might miss out on the most important things in life.

Recognizing Your Triggers

Eight years sober herself, she penned one of the first sobriety blogs, “Waking Up the Ghost” in 2013. The blog garnered an international following, allowing Marilyn to communicate with thousands of folks in all stages of recovery. Marilyn is Sanford’s Director of Marketing and serves as Editor-In-Chief for the Sanford online magazine, “Excursions”. She also developed and hosts the podcast Anatomy of Addiction and is Vice President of the Board, JACK Mental Health Advocacy. What do you do when you return from a vacation feeling more exhausted than before you left?

The best sober vacations renew the mind, body and spirit and there are so many options for a retreat vacation from eco-friendly to luxury. And many spas do not serve alcohol and have 12-step meetings on site.

Adjust Your Routine During That First Week

Think of traveling while sober as traveling with any other type of disorder. If you suffered from migraines, you wouldn’t take off on a cross-country trip without your medication. If being prepared means bringing extra items with you, that’s alright. Your sobriety is worth the cost of checking a second bag at the airport. Before you start looking at brochures or making plane reservations, have an honest conversation with yourself and your traveling companions about your triggers and concerns about traveling while sober. However, traveling while sober is possible and can still be fun if you take good care of yourself and follow these tips.

Overall, 48% of gross nights booked were from stays of at least seven nights. The opinions and views of our guest contributors are shared to provide a broad perspective of eating disorders. These are not necessarily the views of Eating Disorder Hope, but an effort to offer discussion of various issues by different concerned individuals. Working with your therapist on coping skills and stress reduction strategies during a holiday vacation can be extremely helpful. Another trigger can be after meal time and have a plan of action to keep your mind busy and not succumbing to eating disorder thoughts. Being able to plan head involves identifying and recognizing your triggers around food, people, and situations.